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Dolly Adams

for Castro Valley School Board 2020
Experience - Transparency - Equity

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July 23, 2020

Endorsement from Theresa Murray
"Ms. Dolly Adams was the high school teacher to one of my children. Without the special education provided by Ms. Adams I genuinely believe my child would not have graduated. She ran an extraordinary classroom. Ms. Adams had the daunting task of balancing school policy and graduation credits with the extra needs of my child. These added challenges were no problem for Ms. Adams. She conducted herself professionally in class and in education meetings. Her influence on my child is immeasurable. He graduated this year, and he is nearly done in an occupational training program as a medical assistant. Thank you for all your help Ms. Adams."

- Theresa Murray, Parent

July 14, 2020

Endorsement from Joe Brown

"The best thing one can say about a teacher is that he or she inspires students to learn.  Dolly Adams is that teacher.  I have witnessed the turnaround in my own child, since he started working with Ms. Adams.  Dolly Adams takes the time to understand the students, meets them where they are, and finds ways to motivate the unmotivated.  She has my full support for the Castro Valley School Board – the Board needs educators who know how to reach kids, and that’s Dolly Adams!"

- Joe Brown, Parent

July 7, 2020

Endorsement from Bonnie Shultz Rigo

“I am voting for Dolly for Castro Valley School Board 2020! Besides being a wonderful person, she is a dedicated Special Ed Teacher that really cares about our students. She has the creds, the talent, and the experience to do this job the right way. I have had the pleasure of seeing her teach and support our students first hand. I’m selfishly sorry to see her leave her teaching position to run for the School Board. But she can make a difference to many, many more kids and families in Castro Valley if elected.”

- Bonnie Shultz Rigo, Grandmother

May 04, 2020

Social Distance Learning

In this unexpected time of crisis, we are all facing many hardships related to work and school which can lead to anxiety and stress, especially for our students who are adjusting to a new system of learning. With distance learning currently becoming the new normal across this country, we are facing tough decisions for how to best address the needs of all our student body and their families. In the coming year, we will need to address the trauma that our students have faced during this unprecedented time. 

We have seen things evolve and change rapidly, and until there is a vaccine for coronavirus and the risk of infection becomes substantially lower, how classrooms will be partially opened is still in the preliminary stages. Staggering students and class schedules; modifications to assemblies, P.E. and recess; and the issue of reversing regression in academic performance are some of the remedies that will be proposed to keep social distancing of students and staff. This will be particularly challenging with very young children and developmental disabled adults. Grab & Go Meals are being provided in our district, helping low income families feed their children. In this time of crisis, having someone on the board that understands the demands put on teachers would be essential.


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